this is about money



realization is truth (lately there have been lovers at school)






some of you may be around 30 jears, well educated and working on something.

your income will allow you a small house and your bank is willing to finance it.



We will found a co-operative society according to german law (Genossenschaft)

That means we all have to pay in 10 % and become partners to the same Bank.



 fair trade, but still capitalism. - our advantage : we depend on people we know.

If you can´t afford the first 10 % and the monthy rent - see you back in a year ...



distribution of houses and rent by auction because orientation to the sun,

size of gardens and positions in niveatown are offering such a big variety



please accept this as a first resonable proposal - but all decisions will be

taken in full democracy - believe in yourself -



the wall




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